Foundation Members:

  • President: Kyle Carlock
  • Secretary: Julie Merdian
  • Treasurer: Becky Patterson
  • Board of Education Representative: Dave Bucher
  • Cliff Bardell
  • Katie Chestnut
  • Ryan Clayton
  • Jamie Gorzny
  • Toby Handel
  • Reid Mitchell
  • Jenni Yingling
  • Alissa Zeigler

The Polo Community School Foundation

Polo has a long-standing reputation for providing quality education for its students. Part of the reason behind this tradition comes from a strong partnership between the parents, the schools and the community. In these days of school consolidations and money troubles, Polo Community School District continues to hold its own. And we have you and others to thank.

In 1992, the Foundation was formed with the goal of continuing this strong educational system. This Foundation was created to provide opportunities that the District budget may not allow. Please consider a donation to the Foundation as your gift to the Polo Schools.

The Polo Foundation is:

  • A tax exempt, non-profit corporation chartered in 1992.
  • Managed by a Board of Directors consisting of dedicated school district volunteers.
  • Operated independently from, but in cooperation with, the Polo Community School District.
  • Actively involved in raising funds from private and corporate sources that support scholarships and enrichment programs throughout the District

Ways to Contribute

Through your generous donations in the past, the Foundation continues to enhance our children’s educational experience. The Foundation’s investment portfolio now includes money-market accounts, bonds, income mutual funds, variable annuities and more. The interest from these accounts and your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS enable us to fund many special requests for our school children. You may:

  • Make a gift of cash, check, securities, or personal property in any amount.
  • Pledge a specified dollar amount with payments made monthly or annually.
  • Designate gifts as a memorial to loved ones, living, or deceased.
  • Bequest money in your will or trust.
  • Name the Polo Community School Foundation as an insurance beneficiary.
  • Specify a school (Centennial, Aplington, High School) or student in a particular field (Medical, Education, Arts, etc.) to receive your donation.

Contributions can be made in person or by mail to: Polo Community School Foundation, Polo Community Unit School District #222, 100 Union Avenue, Polo, IL 61064.

Foundation Newsletters: