Cursive Writing

Centennial’s Second Graders are Learning Cursive Writing

As computers are becoming a primary source of writing, many schools across the United States are opting out of teaching their student's cursive writing. However, we believe that it is still a very important skill that needs to be taught. 

There are 5 reasons why cursive writing is still relevant today:

  1. It develops motor skills because it requires a different set of skills and it activates a different part of the brain than regular writing does.

  2. It reinforces comprehension of the alphabet.

  3. It guarantees students will have an appropriate signature when writing and signing legal documents.

  4. It can help students with learning disabilities.  When writing in print, many letters look very similar while cursive letters look very different from each other.

  5. It can be considered a form of art and it is just one more way students can develop the side of the brain that is not developed by basic reading and writing.

The second graders have enjoyed learning to write the lowercase letters so far, and they are looking forward to writing their entire name in cursive soon!